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APRIL 28-30, 2017

Any Industry. Any Niche. The Freelancers' Conference Is For You.

We surveyed hundreds of freelancers like you to find out where you're struggling in your business. Then we recruited rockstar entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated the same challenges to share with us! With talks ranging from leaving your 9-5 to hiring your first team, we've got you covered.

And unlike some conferences where you sit in a chair and are talked at all weekend, every session is followed by a Q&A, and a hands on workshop for you to begin to implement what you've learned!

  • Learn to price your services based on the promise and value you deliver
  • Find out what you need to do before you can quit your 9-5
  • Understand how to transition from working by yourself to hiring a team
  • Create the systems you need to manage your clients' expectations (and save time doing it)
  • ...and so much more!

In addition to all this, for those who are ready to learn and DO, you have the opportunity to join a 12 week mastermind in the weeks following the conference! This is where you'll get encouragement and accountability to actually execute what you've learned.

If you're ready to make more money freelancing, with more purpose and freedom,
then register today for the Freelancers' Conference.

Expert Speakers

Our speakers have been where you are and are eager to help you succeed!

Cory Miller

Owner, iThemes


Carrie Dils

Bad Ass Freelancer

Jose Caballer

Chief Education Officer

The Skool

Michael Albert

Business Finance Consultant

The Albert Co.

The Mastermind

Just because you work for yourself doesn't mean have you have to do it alone. If we want to go further, we've got to go together. All of our guests have the opportunity to join a 12-week mastermind in the weeks following the conference. We want to give you the encouragement and accountability you need to realize your full potential.


Our event this year will run Friday and Saturday, April 28+29,
with an optional brunch on Sunday the 30th.
We have special events for each evening, and breakfast and lunch are on us!

April 28, 2017

Defining Your Brand
9:15AM  -  10:15AM

Defining Your Brand

When you hear the phrase, “Just Do It” or see the Nike swoosh, you’re hearing a tagline and seeing a logo. Those are elements of a brand, but they’re not the brand itself. A brand is the promise of how a product or service makes you feel and the way in which it delivers that promise. […]

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Planning Your Exit
11:00AM  -  12:00PM

Planning Your Exit

If you’re a freelancer working a full time job who wants to stick to the man and leave your job, you’ve probably heard three types of advice on how to actually do it: Find capital (a loan) to finance your business at all costs OR Save up six months personal salary and two months business […]

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Outsourcing Yourself: Hiring and Managing a Team
1:30PM  -  2:30PM

Outsourcing Yourself: Hiring and Managing a Team

It’s a common problem for freelancers: they’re doing all the work of delivering the actual product or service they offer themselves, plus selling and marketing and project managing and bookkeeping and… the list goes on and on. When you’re doing all of these things plus the work itself, it’s very difficult to grow your business […]

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Managing Client Expectations
3:15PM  -  4:14PM

Managing Client Expectations

From the very moment a client meets you, whether online or in person, they’re making judgments about whether you can provide the solution to the problems they have. From your marketing messages to your contracts… from your discovery process to how you manage projects… Diane Kinney will show us how to take control of the […]

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April 29, 2017

Learning to Sell
9:15AM  -  10:15AM
Chris Johnson

Learning to Sell

The average sale is made between the 8th and 12th interaction with a customer. What happens when you get serious objections to your offering on the 5th interaction? Do you just quit? Learn how to set sales goals for yourself by working backwards from your goal. If you want to bring home $100K this year, […]

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Making Yourself Known
1:30PM  -  2:30PM
Coming soon

Making Yourself Known

Sometimes it can feel like there’s not enough clients in the world for every freelancer to book themselves solid. It’s not true, though. Businesses everywhere are looking for the solution you provide, and it’s your responsibility to offer it to them. Learn how to identify your ideal customer, and a simple to follow strategy for […]

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Your Next 12 Weeks
3:15PM  -  4:00PM

Your Next 12 Weeks

What a weekend! It would be a shame if you came and learned all of this great new information about how to grow your business and then didn’t make plans for how to USE that information in the days and weeks to come. This is where the things you’ve learned over the past two days […]

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April 30, 2017

VIP Brunch
10:00AM  -  12:00PM

VIP Brunch

The VIP Brunch is available with the purchase of a DOER ticket. Join our speakers and VIP guests for a casual, delicious brunch. We’ll eat together and have the opportunity to ask questions of our speakers afterwards. This is a great opportunity for you to spend some more intimate time with those who have gone […]

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Learn, then Do.

We know that as entrepreneurs, execution trumps everything. At the Freelancers' Conference, you'll be given time to begin implementing what you've learned after every session in small group breakouts. We're going to take you beyond just learning, to actually DOING.


Do you have a product or service that would be a good fit to share with the freelancers' attending our conference? Let's talk about how we can partner together to bring value to both your business and our guests.

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